Non-QM Loans

Bank Statement Loans

Our most popular Non-QM loan, underwriting is based upon 12-24 months of business or personal bank statements plus credit score. Purchase or refinance. Up to 90% LTC, up to $3M JUMBO loan amount.

DSCR Loans

Used by investors, loans are underwritten by limited criteria of credit score and the subject rental property only. Loan amounts as high as 90% loan- to-value (LTV). As low as .75DSCR!

No Income Verification / No Ratio (SIVA)

Verification of Employment only - Min 20% Down-Payment

No Income / No Employment - Min 20% Down-Payment

80% LTV, up to 1.5M – works for Foreign Nationals

Non-QM Full Doc

One year tax returns; up to $1M cash out; up to $4M loan amount; BK seasoning just 12 months; up to 90% LTV; Purchase and refinance; Interest ONLY Jumbo Available.

Non-QM Full Doc 100%

We offer 100% CLTV purchase financing under the following parameters.

80% LTV 1st TD – 5 Year Interim Fixed Amortized over 30 Years

20% LTV 2nd TD – 15 Year Fixed Fully Amortized

Min Fico: 700. No BK, SS, FC, or Forbearance in the last 7 years. VOR/VOM = 0X30X24. VOR must be arm’s length and from an institutional landlord. If private party landlord, borrower must have 24 cancelled checks.

Doc Type: Full Doc (Wage Earner) and 24 Months Personal Bank Statements (Self-Employed)

DTI: 50% for Full Doc, 45% for 24 Months Personal Bank Statements

Property types: SFR and Stand Alone PUDs. Property cannot be a flip (property has to have been owned by seller for 24 months+). Property must be listed by real estate firm and both buyer/ selling agents must be earning at least 2% on each side.

Hard Money Loans

Builders, Developers, Businesses and Legal Entities often have opportunities arrive suddenly, at inopportune times, that is, when their liquidity is otherwise allocated and time for the new opportunity is short. When you have Equity locked up in your real estate assets, it may be accessed in a rapid fashion (days not weeks) requiring very little documentation. These loans are much cheaper than Business No Asset Loans, yet more expensive than traditional loans. MonsterMike works with you to gets things done.

Fix and Flip Investor Property Loans

Fix & Flip up to 90% LTV plus up to 100% of rehab. Final loan amount contingent on ARV (After Repair Value); No Pre Pay Penalty on one year loans; Fast Closings; one and two year terms. Call Monster Mike to discuss your bridge loan requirements.

Similar to Fix & Flip are Cash Flow Loans for Rental Properties. We just need to know the Market Rent for your Rental Property to qualify your loan. fast and Reasonable Terms usually 30 years fixed rate.