Apartment Commercial Loans Nationwide

All we need is a Credit Report, Rent Roll & Expenses, Personal Financial Statement along with our application and you can have an answer the same day in some cases, if not, within 36 hours. NON-RECOURSE LOAN PROGRAMS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE! 

At Monster Mike Mortgage, our commitment is  to help you make the most of your opportunities with any loan(s) secured by real estate.   

We have a diverse array of alternative loan options that depend on cash flow or schedule of rents or asset base. We can brainstorm together!!

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Well over 70% of Commercial Loans are for apartments or residential portfolios. If your Project is (or isn't) an apartment complex, you need to know a lender who has a Rolodex of lenders for every unique Project - industrial for instance!

If your loan is for residence units, check out these terms:

No Upfront Fees. 

30 Year Financing

Close in 3 to 6 weeks

Avoid rising interest rates.

Take advanatage of high real estate values.

Cash-out and refinance up to 80% of appraised value.


To brainstorm our resources and offerings for Commercial Apartment Loans Nationwide, contact MonsterMike today!!


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