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Michael Alvarez

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Monster Mike Mortgage was borne in Florida when Mortgage Mike, now Monster Mike, noticed he was under priced in the Florida market. Mike could offer lower rates OR… he could offer similar rates and pay the homebuyer the difference in yield spread premium (money) to help pay for the homebuyer closing costs.

When Mortgage Mike explained this to his candid and edgy friend, the friend suggested he should become Monster Mike and make it a fun or a funny idea to be memorable in a Value way. So today, Monster Mike Scares Down Buyers Closing Costs – as nicely as possible.

First time Homebuyers benefit the most. Seasoned homebuyers just want the lowest possible rate. Monster Mike is an expert professional, case hardened,again, by the most recent 2008 economic malfeasance / meltdown.

Monster Mike is your fiduciary (legally bound to act in your best interests). Momster Mike … I mean Monster Mike is the Mortgage Monster on Your Side.


Serving all of Florida and Local to Palm Beach and Broward Counties.